Trying To SeriousPost

Keita’s handpicked JRPG favorites for PS3!

Vak laughed at me for only being able to shit post, so im gonna take up something easy and tell you about some awesome JRPG’s you might wanna try~

Tales of Xillia I / II

You can’t just play the first and not want to know what happens in the second. Starting with the first game, I’d recommend starting with our protagonists, Jude, route first. Yea, that’s right, this game is in two parts. One side is told from Jude’s view, and the other from Milla. This won’t keep you bored the first time around, but beware NG+. You’re gonna be gothing through a lot of unwanted recap.


The second game. I personally can’t say much, as much as i’ve followed the “Tales Of” series, i can’t seem to get into this game. What i can tell you is that this game instead of dividing up player stories again is that you get to play it somewhat like a Visual novel, choosing what your character says and building relations to get party members -i think- But if you played the first, you be glad to know characters come back and you’ll see happens 1 year after Xillia ended.


Next Game Game on the List:

The Guided Fate Paradox

I’d really like to know what NISA was thinking when they made this game//


The characters are lovable and you get into an old style game play that i thought was once forgotten. The enemies move when you do so you need to to be careful when taking your turn, But the only turn off for this game is that your level “resets” every dungeon you enter and you’re derpy weak. So you need to grind for a hella long time before you can make some of those boss fights.

For Vega’s Sake:


yea, i know, don’t have to tell me it’s not a JRPG…


<Laugh’s uncontrollably> I can’t tell you how over hyped this game was. Story? In an online game? I haven’t played it personally but i hear game play is good, but what i do know from watching friends who play it on xbox is that the Taco bell add had more story then the game.

TSUGI! (weeb japanese for next)

Fairy Fencer F

After finding out Vak bought the game i had to put my foot down and get it too.


This game is wonderful (to me at least) i loved the characters (except pipin and tiara) and the gameplay was pretty quick too (just mash L2 and X)

Sounds like im shitting all over the game but i loved it, and i recommend you give it a try. Dual audio so if you hate the wonderful world of english dub overs you can hear it all in japanese too! But caution! This game is a @#$%*&! grindfest. You’ll have to grind for hours just to kill some of the monster or even stand a chance, and when the second part of the game comes in, all the monsters get some unnatural power boost and a hard on for protagonist blood!

It’s still a good game though.

That end’s my first attempt at seriousposting  ~ “I have no idea what I’m doing, but i like it.” – anonymous



i would like to recommend a series to anyone out there who likes surprises with their anime. Himegoto. Nothing could be more surprising than the existence of the series itself. Don’t worry if you’re a moe-fag like me, all the cute girls will be there. i actually have no idea what any of those things are. But they look like girls and are cute! but don’t worry they aren’t inhuman, so it’s perfectly normal.


Why would I ever lie to any of you. Are main characters are absolutely adorable. All our characters are moe-shit girls, i gotta stop saying that. I don’t wanna blow the surprise for any of you, but i can tell you right now, even the loli’s in this series gave my head a spin.

Go on. Watch it. You know you want to. See, I’m even willing to pay you now. And you’ll like it so much you won’t want the money.


Why Loli’s are superior.

We all love our waifu’s, and each and everyone of us must know that they are different in shapes, forms, height and bust.

But what we must understand is that loli’s top the board. I can’t say much for shota’s as I’m a guy, but someone out there should agree with me.

I mean take yoshino from date a live for example.


How can you people not fall for this! but let’s be real, if she’s not a waifu, she’s a QT(cutie). and only a 7/10.


shit son, Est <–her name< is waifu material. she’s from seirei tsukai no blade dance. Although the anime is pretty bad, you’d watch it just to see all the Est scenes. 8/10 Have i not convinced you? guess not. MOAR LOLI IT IS!

We all have are facial preferences, and if these faces were too “cute” then there’s a loli to fix that.


Hajime from Hamatora is pretty cute in her own way. A never ending pit for HAMBUGUH’S, you’d need money to keep her. but she’s still adorable, and yes a loli but not a true loli. 6/10

I’ve thrown stuff at you in hope you’ll become a follower in the ways of loliconismismictism (is there even a religion following loli’s? Cause i want in!) but we have to know that the most recent winner for seasons loli is Illya Von Einzbern.


Goddamn 10/10 loli here bro’s. If you wanna watch her dance drop by here: best dance i’ve seen in years. If that wasn’t enough to convince you people how awesome loli’s are well…


I could continue to rant about how awesome loli’s are and why you should have one for a waifu, but my own waifu isn’t even a loli. But that doesn’t IA isn’t better than all of them. IA is Love, IA is Life. You weebs need a better waifu. XD


I hope you see what i mean here, cause she’s F***ing perfect. 11/10. I guess the only one to compete would be Haruna from Kancolle, and that’s up for debate depending on if you ask me or Vak.