i would like to recommend a series to anyone out there who likes surprises with their anime. Himegoto. Nothing could be more surprising than the existence of the series itself. Don’t worry if you’re a moe-fag like me, all the cute girls will be there. i actually have no idea what any of those things are. But they look like girls and are cute! but don’t worry they aren’t inhuman, so it’s perfectly normal.


Why would I ever lie to any of you. Are main characters are absolutely adorable. All our characters are moe-shit girls, i gotta stop saying that. I don’t wanna blow the surprise for any of you, but i can tell you right now, even the loli’s in this series gave my head a spin.

Go on. Watch it. You know you want to. See, I’m even willing to pay you now. And you’ll like it so much you won’t want the money.



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