Why Loli’s are superior.

We all love our waifu’s, and each and everyone of us must know that they are different in shapes, forms, height and bust.

But what we must understand is that loli’s top the board. I can’t say much for shota’s as I’m a guy, but someone out there should agree with me.

I mean take yoshino from date a live for example.


How can you people not fall for this! but let’s be real, if she’s not a waifu, she’s a QT(cutie). and only a 7/10.


shit son, Est <–her name< is waifu material. she’s from seirei tsukai no blade dance. Although the anime is pretty bad, you’d watch it just to see all the Est scenes. 8/10 Have i not convinced you? guess not. MOAR LOLI IT IS!

We all have are facial preferences, and if these faces were too “cute” then there’s a loli to fix that.


Hajime from Hamatora is pretty cute in her own way. A never ending pit for HAMBUGUH’S, you’d need money to keep her. but she’s still adorable, and yes a loli but not a true loli. 6/10

I’ve thrown stuff at you in hope you’ll become a follower in the ways of loliconismismictism (is there even a religion following loli’s? Cause i want in!) but we have to know that the most recent winner for seasons loli is Illya Von Einzbern.


Goddamn 10/10 loli here bro’s. If you wanna watch her dance drop by here: http://illya.malphasmedia.com/ best dance i’ve seen in years. If that wasn’t enough to convince you people how awesome loli’s are well…


I could continue to rant about how awesome loli’s are and why you should have one for a waifu, but my own waifu isn’t even a loli. But that doesn’t IA isn’t better than all of them. IA is Love, IA is Life. You weebs need a better waifu. XD


I hope you see what i mean here, cause she’s F***ing perfect. 11/10. I guess the only one to compete would be Haruna from Kancolle, and that’s up for debate depending on if you ask me or Vak.


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